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Andy demonstrates bowl making, on the potters wheel at the Western Washington Fairgrounds, in the Artists In Action area of the Puyallup County Fair. The bowls were then donated to the Tacoma Metro Parks for their annual Empty Bowls fundraiser.



Port Orchard Farmer's Market News


 We had a great first 2 weeks at the Market!  Thank you all for coming out.  We had a exceptionally good firing just before opening so the colors on our pottery for the start of the season is beautiful.  The Port Orchard Farmers Market is open every Saturday until mid October from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.




Egg News! 


Our hens were switched over to a non GMO feed over the Winter.  It contains no soy, corn, or wheat.  Instead, it has ingredients high in omega 3 like camelina and flax.  Of course most of our hens are also pastured so they can eat grass and bugs. 













Raincreek Pottery and Poultry is a studio pottery and chicken farm located near the town of Port Orchard in a rural section of Kitsap County in the Pacific Northwest State of Washington.  The Kitsap Peninsula is due west of Seattle across Puget Sound. Raincreek produces functional pottery, dinnerware, garden markers, jewelery, and pet related items from Stoneware and Porcelain clay bodies fired to cone 10 (2350 F) in a propane fueled kiln. Owned and operated by Andy and Pam Buck, Raincreek Pottery was established in 1991.  Our chicken hatchery operations began in early 2010.

Raincreek Pottery and Poultry's pottery products can be found at the Verksted Gallery in Poulsbo, Washington, and both pottery and poultry are currently offered, during the summer months, at the Port Orchard Farmers Market.

Raincreek Pottery and Poultry
Port Orchard, WA
(253) 973-8068